Blogging Blue’s Ed Heinzelman Says It Better Than Anyone About Acting Reasonably During Pandemic

I know my readers have come across many columns and letters to the editor about limiting our lives over the past weeks, and why we need to conduct ourselves this way during the pandemic.  But I have read nothing better on this matter or as succinctly as  Ed Heinzelman at Blogging Blue.  I only rarely place an entire article from another source on this blog,  But there was no way to post only a couple of his lines as what is written is precisely what I feel—and I know others feel—and it needs to be read by as many folks as possible.  So take a minute and read the following from Heinzelman .

Just like everyone of you I am tired of being safer at home. I have been out of the house twice in the past five weeks (except for walks in the park and carefully keeping my distance from people who have no clue or no cares).

I’d love to do my regular shopping instead of recognizing the UPS driver on sight. I’d love to take my wife out to dinner on our old schedule. I’d love to meet my friends for lunch a couple of times a month like I did before. I’d love to still be on the UWM campus for classes instead of being online. I’d love to visit Miller Park to watch the Brewers. I’d love to attend the last few Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Concerts that I have tickets for…and ditto for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. I missed a number of art shows in Milwaukee, Madison, West Bend and Chicago that I intended to see. My own baseball league is on hiatus until the state opens.

My late parents used to own a blue collar bar smack dab in the middle of Waukesha County back in the day…I realize how serious this would have hurt them financially. I lost my own retail business during a fairly minor recession in 1982. I get it for small business owners…this is a far more severe setback.

But I am a 69 year old male with coronary heart disease…that I have been managing pretty well for the past 20 years. I am solidly in the demographic of those who can get seriously ill if not die if I contract COVID-19. And I don’t plan on dying because some self-entitled asshole out there feels indestructible and doesn’t want to stand up for our community as a whole. Just stay home.

That’s the deal.

Walgreens’ Restrooms Promoted For Use By ‘Open-Up’ Protesters On Madison Capitol Square–Customers Beware!

It has come to this blogger’s attention that a potentially serious health issue has arisen due to the planned Friday protest in Madison on the Capitol Square.   This group is demanding an immediate opening of businesses in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This group of malcontents (with no library cards) does not have a rally permit, and therefore no portable potties will be placed for their use.

As a consequence, some of the irresponsible promoters of this rally have alerted their followers that Walgreens is open and has restrooms.  This creates a very troubling and perhaps deadly situation for the workers of this store and for their customers.

It is most concerning, in the first place, that organizers who want to get rid of safer at home orders of Governor Evers are even planning a protest.   We don’t have the tests in place, as of yet, to determine who has the virus and who is asymptomatic and carrying the virus to others. We are bending the curve but need to have a 14-day downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses and COVID-19 symptoms being reported before the process of opening Wisconsin will commence.  The ones who plan to shout and protest on Friday were not the valedictorians of their high schools so they have no awareness of any of the facts, and more to the point do not care.

Secondly, it is a clear statement of their true character to identify the Walgreens store as a possible place to use the bathrooms.  For the health and safety of their employees, I suggested to an assistant manager at that location today that closing the store down or limiting the restroom use might be options.

The store management is clearly concerned about these people threatening the health of our city, but need to follow laws about restrooms in a public business.  I was informed they will limit store capacity to 75 people and will clean the restroom once an hour.  That is not a real answer to the problem at hand, and they are aware of that fact.  But they seem constrained to do what is in the best interest of their local customer base, many who are older and have underlying health issues.

I heard from a stockholder of the company who is most troubled by the public health threat these angry protestors are planning to create.  I reached out to Madison’s Health Department for a statement about this matter about 10 minutes prior to my publishing this post.  I await the return call.

I want to know what happens when one of the angry white males with a large gun is told at the Walgreens store they can not enter with a weapon.  We do not need to ask what the big gun is compensating for!

This protest and their total disregard for the health of those who live in Madison is just one more chapter in their sad lives.