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Advice For Walgreens Shoppers At Main Street Location In Madison–Beware Of Angry Protestors On Square Friday

April 23, 2020

This is what I posted on our isthmus community listserve Wednesday evening.

I wish to pass along a news item for folks who may use the Main Street Walgreens location (across from the Statehouse), and perhaps need to have prescriptions picked up or other items purchased this week.  Friday a large rally is expected to be held on the Capitol Square for those who demand a quick opening to our state’s businesses—in the midst of a pandemic.  Without a rally permit, there are also no portable potties to be placed for the thousands who are expected to descend on our isthmus.  (It obviously was a correct decision to not allow a permit for this spectacle during a pandemic, or to facilitate it with potties.)  

So the protester leaders have let it be known in emails to their flock of sheep that Walgreens has public restrooms.  As such, and knowing that there are many older folks who shop there, I want to urge prescription pickups and other purchasing take place sometime other than Friday, as there will be many protesters flaunting a deep disregard for safe medical practices.  We also know from past such rallies around the nation some bring deadly guns.   Let us continue to stay safe and do the proper practices we have employed for many weeks during this medical crisis.  I am most concerned some older local folks may wish to do Friday shopping for some supplies at this location and are not aware of what they might encounter.

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