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Another Open Letter To Madison Police Regarding Dangerous Situation On Statehouse Square Friday

April 23, 2020

Another reader passed along a letter that was submitted to Madison Police regarding the dangerous situation that is to be created Friday on Capitol Square. That letter is below.

Protestors are rallying to undermine science and medical advice concerning Governor Evers closing businesses in the state during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Late yesterday another reader dropped me this  note that was also written to local police. 

I also have posted about the concerns with a local business that is being targeted by the protesters to use as a restroom facility.

As such,  older customers at the Main Street location of Walgreens need to be mindful of the dangers posed during this pandemic with the protesters not following health guidelines.  

I understand your concern about a possible Mifflin Street Block Party and your efforts to curb it this Saturday.   I hope that you will also be as diligent in your concern about people disrespecting the public health and safety when protesters, carrying guns at that, present a public health and safety threat to the citizens of Madison, especially the businesses on the Capitol Square, like Walgreens and the Inn on the Park, tomorrow.   As they have publicized, these protesters are planning to invade private businesses on the Square to make use of their restrooms.  Similar protesters in Lansing and other cities have shown total disregard for public health and safety, including the right-of-way of emergency vehicles.

At least the potential Mifflin Street Block Party participants are not planning to spread their germs to other non-participants.  

Thank you.

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