Fringe Element To Rally At Wisconsin Statehouse—Problem For Republican Party

There continues to be much concern about the temperature that some unreasonable people will create when they rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Friday afternoon. They are hell-bent on making headlines as they spout and shout about the terrible infringements that Governor Tony Evers has placed on their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay at home orders along with the closure of much of the businesses in our state is working to bend the curve of the virus, and will aid, at the correct time, for the state to slowly open up for employees and customers, alike.

But there is no talking to the malcontents as they are not interested in the actual medical crisis playing out. We have witnessed the video from other states where protesters carry military-type weapons, proudly hold misspelled signs denouncing tyranny, and disregard government restrictions and medical advice. It has become so embarrassing for the Republicans that they are now trying to distance themselves from the fringe element, even though they do everything the other 364 days of the year to stoke up the embers among this illogical element in their base.

What the GOP has not yet come to terms with is how to put the Tea Party types back into the bottle, after they created and released them. What was gleefully manufactured during the Obama presidency for political effect has proven a long-lasting problematic consequence for the party.

Republicans can claim that no credible protestors would show SS flags and carry attack weapons and parade in front of the media, but this is exactly what the GOP has ginned up by accepting the racist, xenophobic, and factless tweets from Donald Trump. Since no segment of the party makes an all-out pushback on this nonsense then the fringe element will act out in ridiculous ways.

And these protestors reflect back onto the entire Republican Party.

Meanwhile, the nation is speaking about their lack of interest in rushing too soon to reopen any place in the nation that might lead to more virus outbreaks and the resulting increase in deaths.

There’s plenty of polling on stay-at-home orders, and they’re quite popular. A Quinnipiac University poll taken this month found that 81% of voters favored a national stay-at-home order. This included at least two-thirds of every demographic and political group. That’s similar to what a Fox News poll showed as well.

As an isthmus resident of Madison, I am concerned for those who live in this general area. Collectively we have done our parts to constrain our lives and starve the virus of travel. We have all wanted that greasy salty cheeseburger from a local diner or the movie theatre experience. (Those are both my grand wishes these past weeks.) But we have enough common sense and reasoning to grasp why we stay safe at home, not only for ourselves but for others, too, and limit our interactions with anyone not living in our home.

Yet the rabble who will descend on our statehouse steps Friday has a disdain for government and facts that baffle and confound any reasonable person. They will have their confederate flags and SS posters and loudspeakers. They will spit and spout and then leave with nothing more to show for their time than a receipt for the gas spent coming to our beloved city.

Little do the protestors know they are merely pawns in the far-right political games of people such as Ben Dorr, the political director of a group called “Minnesota Gun Rights,” and his siblings, Christopher and Aaron. This is but one group that has stirred the pot and ginned up the base of the GOP to turn out and act like fools at statehouses around the country.

If you have not heard of these characters you really need to, as they are as scary as they are ridiculous. The Dorr brothers manage a slew of pro-gun groups across a wide range of states. Their aim…well… discredit organizations like the National Rifle Association as being too compromising on gun safety.

Yeah, I know. Scary and ridiculous.

But had the GOP not accepted the most base of their base to act out in awful ways in the Obama presidency they would not now have to deal with their party so besmirched leading into the 2020 general election. Millions of Americans are at home with nothing better to do than watch television news and what they are seeing is making an imprint upon their minds.

Next images to be imbedded will be from the Wisconsin State Capitol when the fringe elements gather.

And so it goes.