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Open Letter To Madison Police RE: Gun-Toting Rally At Wisconsin State Capitol Friday

April 23, 2020

Many residents of Madison are very concerned about the mob of malcontents from the far reaches of this state, and the ones that will be brought in from neighboring states, to shout and show their disdain for the prudent measures put in place in Wisconsin to combat COVID-19.  Measures, it should be noted, that polls demonstrate to be supported and approved.

I have posted about those who have nothing more in their life than to show disdain for government and demonstrate why they think 100 is a perfect IQ score.  I have also posted about the protestors making public their desire to use a local merchant’s restroom during their rally.

Tonight a resident of this city reached out to me with a letter sent to the Madison Police Department after the news was made today that authorities will be cracking down on Mifflin Street Party participants this weekend.  While I applaud that action, (and have for many years) it goes without saying that what is being trucked into Madison Friday is a lot more dangerous to the health and well-being of our city and those who live here.  Police should be as diligent in what takes place around the statehouse as they plan to be on Saturday. 

Here then is open letter to the Madison Police Department.

Will MPD be writing $376 tickets for the maroons who will be invading our city Friday to protest the extension of Safer at Home?

If the videos from other cities are indicative of what we can expect, they don’t respect the 6′ social distance, they don’t wear masks, they impede emergency vehicles, they disparage people in the first responder and health provider community, they have no permit and they have no facilities for sanitation (because they can’t get a permit).  They’re talking about using Walgreen’s bathrooms.  What definition of a public health nuisance is the city using that would not apply? What are the downtown residents supposed to do if they need to pick up an Rx or supply and not know what the yahoos have touched in a drug store?   The police should encourage Walgreens to close from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for their own employees’ safety.

Any of these statements written in the Mifflin release pertain equally if not more to the unpermitted rally on Friday.  I would expect MPD to be at least as diligent and assertive as busting a few porch parties.  At least the students don’t parade around with AK 47s around their necks.

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