Military Assault Weapons At Wisconsin State Capitol Rally

Shawn Johnson from WPR had this photo posted on his twitter feed this afternoon from the Wisconsin Statehouse rally. How in the hell do these folks put a pandemic and military assault weapon into the same thought?

Well, since they do not think it was my error in asking the question.


“I Am Not Stupid” At Wisconsin State Rally….Oh, We Disagree!

Protesters at Wisconsin State Capitol were chanting at one point,  “Where’s our flag?” and pointing to the Capitol, saying it’s a “disgrace” there is no flag.  Ah……the American flag flies on the other side of the building from where they are rallying.

No one said the valedictorians were coming to protest.

Here is a view from Wisconsin State Capitol of malcontents rallying with one sign which actually said, “I am not stupid”.    Oh, you all are far beyond mere stupidity.

As idiots and malcontents protest at Wisconsin State Capitol it has just been reported that the Badger State now has its highest total of new daily cases. The tally is now at 5,439.

Shawn Johnson from WPR had this photo posted on his twitter feed this afternoon from the rally.


Photo below from Victor Jacobo, a bilingual Capitol Reporter for CBS58. 


Editorial Cartoons: Trump And Disinfectants

Donald Trump went on national television, carried on all-news networks, and spoke about injecting disinfectants into the body to fight the virus that is now causing a pandemic worldwide. If this does not make Trump supporters shake their heads, become embarrassed, and admit they were wrong, then nothing can save them from what historians will write of them, and this time.  Let us just be honest and call Trump and that entire group unadulterated idiots.





Video: Gregory Humphrey’s Historical Minute…Winston Churchill

People around the nation are doing an array of things online to amuse themselves and entertain others during this pandemic.  Some are showcasing cooking skills with new recipes or singing and playing musical instruments.  Some are reading poems or telling a joke or two each day.

Since I like to try new things and use technology I started playing with the self-video function of my i-Pad (how did I live without one for so long!) and came upon an idea.  With my love of history why not a short and amusing story via social media?  It should be noted that my first effort below ran to two minutes…… I am much closer to the mark with future videos.

I will try to make a video for each workday for the remainder of our state’s stay at home requirements.    You can find them on this blog site and also on my Facebook page.