Nighttime Smiles In Dane County With Flight Of Lights!

I want to give a most appreciative shout-out to all those who made for a genuinely nice time with Flight of Lights at the Dane County Regional Airport.  James and I drove through about 10 P.M. this evening.   After another day of headlines about the pandemic, it was nice to see lights and sparkle and pace our drive so to linger in front of this or that display.

I know this post may sound perhaps ‘small town’,  But for the past many weeks we all have been mentally and emotionally battered with the headlines of virus, death, and economic despair. So whoever came up with the idea that some splash of color and lights is what we most needed should be applauded–again and again.

For all those who provided the labor to make it all look so nice at nighttime, and those who contributed funding to allow it to be such a spectacular display—THANKS!

It was also super nice to see other cars there, and also being respectful by turning off their headlights.

And for readers of this blog, it is no surprise what brought me the biggest smile……

Credit: Dane County Regional Airport