The Rabble At Statehouses Needs To Shut Up, Sit Down!

The vast majority in poll after poll have stated they feel the state shutdowns are appropriate.  They have responded to pollsters with a patient understanding that this pandemic is historic, and we need to be mindful of medical advice and adhere to government orders.  We understand the gravity of the issue at hand.

There’s plenty of polling on stay-at-home orders, and they’re quite popular. A Quinnipiac University poll taken this month found that 81% of voters favored a national stay-at-home order. This included at least two-thirds of every demographic and political group. That’s similar to what a Fox News poll showed as well.

Like so many others in the nation, I have followed the advice and did so not only for this home but for all those in my community who I also feel a kindred responsibility for as we work to bend the curve.  I am fully aware that the vast majority of my fellow citizens have been doing their part over the past weeks, too.  And for the same reasons.

The best medical minds in the nation have let it be known a bottom line should be met in every state.  Each state should bend the curve to have a 14-day downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses and COVID-19 symptoms being reported before the process of opening businesses should occur.

So today I simply was outraged at the rabble who thought they knew best in Michigan. They shouted so the spittle was seen flying from their ignorant mouths.   And the rest of us in the nation are expected to accept this neanderthal behavior?


These type of conservatives want the rest of us to think their opinions should be on the same level of acceptance as all the others.  But no!!  An opinion that is not based on facts, and in the case of COVID-19, not on science and data, has no standing whatsoever.  For several years the majority in this land have been told we need to listen to the wacked-out conservatives and try to understand what they are saying.  So the mental misfits spin wild conspiracies and spout the most stupid statements and demand we need to pay attention to what they are saying.


The rabble who are now trashing decency and medical advice so to have their bars open and obviously with the man pictured above, strip clubs, as no woman of any self-worth would sleep with him.  These idiots must never get leverage on how professionals decide when to open up businesses.  Sound governing and leadership designed to protect all of the citizenry must never be tossed aside for the ones who spit and rant like lunatics.

We are tired of the rabble that has of late wanted to dominate the media, and make headlines with their boorish antics.  We are tired of needing to witness these shouters and dimwits who think they know more than the professionals and data-driven members of society.

We have every right to tell the rabble to shove off!  Today was more than what sensible America should be asked to tolerate from this ilk.

And so it goes.

Humphrey’s History Video: Naked Presidents

During Wisconsin’s Stay At Home order, so to combat COVID-19, I am recording a series of 60-second grand stories from history.  Today what happens when a president strips at the Potomac River for a swim?