Angry White Men And Their Guns At Protests

The angry white men with their military guns have become the cause of scorn and snickers all over the nation.   And as noted in this national column they are firing blanks.  (I will let my readers create their own one-liners over that innuendo from Washington Post writer Dana Milbank.)

At the American Patriot Rally at the state Capitol in Lansing, Mich., on Thursday, many of the hundreds of protesters wore red “Make America Great Again” caps or flew “Trump 2020” banners and “Build the Wall” or “Drain the Swamp” signs. Others waved the yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags of the tea party. Demonstrators, several armed with military-style guns, then marched into the statehouse and stared down the police.

What did they propose to do with these weapons? Shoot the virus? Shoot the governor? Shoot themselves in the foot?

They didn’t seem to have a plan. They were there to rail against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic restrictions, though hers are not so different from those in other states, even those run by Republican governors. They howled about “tyranny” even though the country is now run by the man they helped elect. They fretted about losing their Second Amendment rights even as they carried guns, legally under Michigan law, into the Capitol. They complained about runaway government spending and money-printing even though Trump and the GOP have championed it.

Before the armed stunt, David Clarke, the former Milwaukee County, Wis., sheriff who was once offered a senior job in the Trump administration, stoked the crowd’s inchoate rage.


They had come, according to their signs, to declare Whitmer a Nazi (a poster showed her with swastika, Hitler mustache and Third Reich salute), to say “Bill Gates is evil,” to declare that this isn’t a “real pandemic” but rather “psyops” with “fake stats” and to misspell a call to resistance: “Lets Rebel.”

Trump, who stoked protests with his “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” tweet last month, egged them on. He tweeted Friday that Whitmer, a previous Trump target, should “put out the fire” by making “a deal” with the armed mob. “These are very good people, but they are angry,” he wrote.

The president is reportedly angry, too. Not long ago, the plan was clear. Trump would run on a booming economy and against the “socialists.” On March 2, at what would turn out to be his last rally, he boasted that “we just had the largest one-day increase in the stock market in history” and “jobs are booming in our country, incomes are soaring, poverty has plummeted, confidence is surging.” Said he: “Promises made, promises kept.”

No wonder they reach for their guns. But in their hunt for a reelection rationale, they’re firing blanks.