Bookshelves During Pandemic Get Much Notice

Over the past weeks, since most of us have been home while adhering to government orders so to bend the curve of COVID-19, we have been paying attention to the bulk of people on television programs doing their broadcasts from home.  Many people are situated in front of bookcases during their on-air segments.   Readers everywhere are always pleased to have the chance to see that others have on their shelves.  (Who does not head to the shelves of those we visit and take note of the books?)

Over the weeks we have all paused the TV feed to stand closer to the screen to look at the volumes on the shelves.  Such as what Paul Rudd had on his shelves.

1. “Code of Conduct,” by Brad Thor: The 15th installment in Thor’s thriller series has counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath uncovering the inner workings of a secretive committee of elites running the world.

2. “Jude the Obscure,” by Thomas Hardy: The classic 1895 novel of a young, working-class man who yearns to become a scholar but is thwarted by society and love.

3. “Slave Day,” by Rob Thomas: From the creator of “Veronica Mars,” this Texas high school drama has a disturbing plot involving teens auctioning off one another. “Clueless” this is not.

Many on social media used their time during the shut-down in unique ways.  Compile some book titles into interesting phrases.   This was my offering.


And this is where I stage many of my history videos.