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Video Of Pile-Up On Highway 39, Waushara County

May 4, 2020

Let us be clear about why this mass crash took place.

For decades this stretch of farmland in Waushara County and near Portage County has been allowed to be misused by the owner.  When one drives through this section of the two counties on Highway 39 it is clear that the fields are stark.  ‘No trees’ will be the first thing that comes to your mind.

The trees were cut down when I was a boy—and though I am still a boy at heart—-that was over 40-plus years ago. Soon thereafter the fields started to blow away.  They planted windbreaks and it helped.  They then removed them, too.  It’s so stupid, and awful, that the windbreaks have all been taken out for a few more inches of farmland.

And this video is the result.

Why local authorities do not cite the large corporate farmer for the damage that is done to the land, and in this case below to nearly 30 vehicles, remains stunning for rational folks to ponder.


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