Donald Trump ‘Jumping The Shark’ In Slow Motion, His Mental Breakdown Playing Out Before Nation

We all are aware of the idiotic episode from the long-ago Happy Days sitcom, where writers while attempting to jazz up the series, had Fonzi jump a shark on his motorcycle.  That led to the phrase ‘jumping the shark’ which is an idiom now used to describe a moment when something that was once popular, but has grown less so, makes an attempt at publicity which only serves to highlight its irrelevance.

Which leads directly to Donald Trump.

From the start of his campaign for the Oval Office, this blog recognized he was not ready for prime time, not suited temperamentally for the office, not diplomatically competent or skilled in governing.  He was a TV star, I noted, but would not be able to act in the role he was hoping for as a result of an election.

Yesterday was only the latest example, as if we needed further proof with his baffoonish behavior, that Trump is suffering from a serious mental health disorder.  His public display was something that a parent would not allow their young child to do in public.  If their college-age child was acting like Trump they would seek immediate counseling.

We can do no less as citizens and voters when watching Trump, on a daily basis, as he ‘jumps the shark’ while damaging our political institutions.  Now with the pandemic crisis putting the lives of even more citizens at severe risk we can not stay quiet.  We must not.

Over 80,000 have already died as a result of a pandemic which has been so mismanaged by this White House and administration.  Public health emergencies should never be tread as a PR stunt!  But that is how Trump has played the issue.

More and more citizens and broadcasters are taking note of the meltdown of Trump.  He is not a mentally healthy person and continues to demonstrate he is out of control.

Last night Rachel Maddow said on her MSNBC show that there’s something truly off about Trump after his coronavirus testing press briefing.  

This is something we should all see. Just because I think it is worth knowing. In all seriousness. That the president, right now, in the midst of this crisis, is visibly struggling. There’s something wrong or he’s just not doing okay, I don’t know, but the president apparently just is not able to keep it together right now in his public appearances.”

She added: “What is wrong with the president today? We don’t know. Something is wrong. Whether or not you, you know, like the president or not, whether you enjoy his public affect or not on a regular basis, it’s clear that there is something wrong.

What the nation witnessed from Trump was ugly.  On the one hand, we need to feel sorry for anyone who is suffering like this, but we also need to always put the needs of the nation first.  There can no longer be any space for apologists when it comes to Trump’s behavior.

Trump abandoned his script as he fielded tough questions from reporters, and his answers grew increasingly combative, culminating in a faceoff against Weijia Jiang of CBS News and CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

The clash began with a pointed question from Jiang, who has tangled with Trump at briefings in the past.

“You’ve said many times that the U.S. is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing,” Jiang said. “Why does that matter? Why is this a global competition to you if every day Americans are still losing their lives and we’re still seeing more cases every day?”

“Well, they’re losing their lives everywhere in the world,” Trump responded. He then suggested that Jiang, who is Chinese American, might be better off posing her question to China.

“Maybe that’s a question you should ask China,” Trump said, emphasizing the country’s name. “Don’t ask me, ask China that question, okay?”

When Trump called on Collins for the next question, Jiang was caught on camera looking visibly irked. Collins appeared to notice Jiang too and instead of taking her turn, in a display of professional support, she ceded the floor back to her CBS News counterpart.

“Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically? That I should ask China,” Jiang said sharply, leaning forward in her seat and lowering her face mask.

“I’m not saying it specifically to anybody.” Trump said. “I’m saying it to anybody that would ask a nasty question like that.”

Ignoring the president’s attempt to brush her off, Jiang doubled down.

“That’s not a nasty question,” she said. “Why does it matter when Americans are dying?”

Jiang’s inquiry received no acknowledgment from Trump, who had already turned his attention to the other reporters.

But when Collins stepped up to the microphone, Trump did not appear interested in hearing from her anymore, either.

“Next, next, please,” Trump said, prompting Collins to remind him that he had pointed to her.

“I did and you didn’t respond and now I’m calling on the young lady in the back,” the president said.

Collins remained undeterred. She began explaining that she had just wanted to let Jiang finish and did have questions for Trump, but before she could ask anything, the president cut in.

“Okay,” Trump said, raising both his hands as Collins continued to protest. The president brusquely thanked everyone in attendance before turning away from the lectern with his mouth fixed in a grim line and walking off.