Trump Administration’s Under-Handed Arms Sales To Saudia Arabia, Fires Investigator Shining Light On Abuse Of Power

Once again, the autocratic nature of Donald Trump and his administration, the danger that so many have warned about over the past three years, is coming to fruition.

It was reported late today the State Department inspector general, who was fired by Trump late last week, was in the final stages of an investigation into whether the administration had unlawfully declared an “emergency” in 2019 to allow the resumption of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their air war in Yemen.

In other words, no small, thing, this abuse of power.

Employees from the office of the inspector general, Steve Linick, presented preliminary findings to senior State Department officials in early March.  The investigation into how Pompeo moved to end a congressional hold on arms sales to the Saudis was prompted in part by demands from congress.  

The framers of the Constitution placed checks and balances into the document for a reason.  They knew human nature could well produce someone with low-class tendencies and power-grabbing desires who also had political ambitions.  Though desiring virtuous leaders they could never have anticipated the level of deviousness that would one day sit as president in 2020.  Trump has proven over and over he simply doesn’t want any oversight or questions asked about his motivations or actions in any area of public policy and affairs.   Well, that is not how our government was constituted.

No one comes off looking good from this dismal over-reach by the grifters in the White House.  The Republicans are absolutely to blame for Trump’s autocratic behavior. This abuse of power has occurred in different ways over the years and Republicans just pretend all is fine and normal.  By allowing Trump to continuously act in such a way has placed grave consequences ahead, not only for domestic politics but also in relation to international relations.

Why this matters to us all is the chaos, famine, and diseases in Yemen threatens to ramp up and nurture the terrorist threat.  It is no surprise that jihadists thrive in these environments.  Allowing the savagery in this war zone to continue, and to abet it, gives those we voice our opposition about—al Qaeda and ISIS—a grand opportunity to grow and strengthen.   I understand that Trump does not understand, but surely some Republican Senators must grasp the facts and care enough to slap back on the power-play by Trump and Company.

Curtailing military sales to a headstrong Saudi ruler who is hell-bent on destruction in Yemen was the policy we should have undertaken.   Making him stronger with such sales is not in our best interest.  Which is always how we must view such relationships.

What this all allows for is a deeper dig by international reporters into what can only be termed a ruthless alliance between the Trump Administration and the dark and sinister  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  I know that American journalists and international reporters are up to the task of shining light on the grifters who now make up the Trump Family and administration.  And make no mistake that when the light shines brightly the one who will squint and squirm the most is Jared Kushner.