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Customers In Wisconsin Hold The Cards During Pandemic

May 19, 2020


Now that there are steps towards reopening businesses in Wisconsin, and around the nation, it appears that owners of establishments seem to think since their doors are open customers should walk in and spend money.

Well, not so fast Mr. and Mrs. Businesses Person.

This week a local dentist sent an email to alert this household they are open and have made all sorts of upgrades to ensure the safety of their patients.  The following day we received a phone call to get our appointment scheduled for teeth cleaning.   The receptionist was ready to put our names down for a time next week.

We said no.

She was taken aback at first and then slightly irritated when we informed her that we do not believe, based on the data from the state, that the 14-day period for downawrd trends in the metrics has been met.  She replied again their dental office was open and safe for patients.  We bid her a nice day and said goodbye.

And so it is as business owners desire to make money and open their doors. I certainly understand.  They have rent to pay, employees they–at times–feel an obligation to, and kids to send to college.  But customers have their lives to consider.  Sound decisions based on health considerations will always win out in most households before the need to spend money so to make a business person more prosperous.

We know the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in a virtual gathering, so as not to come in contact with the virus, ruled that Governor Tony Evers’ stay at home orders needed to end.  At once.  The Republican-controlled legislature brought the lawsuit and the conservative court did the rest of the work for their party.

But the Court and their allies forgot something that is really the top issue.  MANY customers–all those folks around the state with the money–feel their health and well-being is more secure at this time by being at home and not in stores or hair salons. 

We see the news and video reports showing too many people out and about without masks.  The ones who lack responsibility are the ones I want to steer clear of during these months.  Simply put, anyone refusing to wear a mask, we simply must stay far away from.  They need to be socailly shunned.

While talking with a lawyer recently about how the virus will impact the law it was brought to my attention, as an example, that if anyone were to try to cough on you that could constitute battery.  I am looking forward to the civil “assault” cases that people file due to non-mask-wearing individuals approaching too close and talking or coughing at them.  Those cases are to come.

So here is my bottom line.  Ultimately, to beat this virus, the responsibility is on all of us. So for those who don’t comply with masks shun them. And if you work for an employer who bans masks, go get a different job straight-away.  Take action.

The action we are taking is staying safe while rejecting the wild-eyed notion that we should be out and in every store that has lights on and breathless proprietors wishing to make money.  All those so interested in such endeavors now should have been clamoring to make sure the federal government had the mass testing which was necessary so to know the spread and tracing of the virus.

A data-driven reopening was the only viable path forward.  That did not happen and many customers with cash will not pretend it did.

And so it goes.

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