Irresponsible Madison Gun Owners, Deadly Weapons Stolen From Unlocked Vehicles


We are always told how wise and responsible gun owners are, and why we should not be inclined to pass gun control measures.  Local events, however, prove that gun owners are not always responsible members of society.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Madison police are investigating three handgun thefts from vehicles in our city.

A Scranton Court resident reported a weapon missing Thursday after inadvertently leaving their pickup truck unlocked, police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a statement.

A Sayner Court homeowner reported a similar crime Wednesday, and the weekend of May 9-10 a man on Stonebridge Drive said a Berretta 9mm was stolen from the glovebox after he left his car unlocked, DeSpain said.


The NRA would knock over their parent’s headstone so to forestall any legislative move for accountability from gun owners in our state.  To learn that in a short time-frame guns were stolen from unlocked vehicles in Madison underscores what we all know.

This at a time when well-publicized car thefts in Madison have made for recent top-of-the-fold headlines in our city paper.  Knowing that teenagers and gangs are involved with the vehicle thefts underscores how more percarious things might become if a free weapon comes along with the car!  Seriouly, who leaves any vehicle unlocked in our city?

It might surprise my readers to learn how many gun owners are not at all mindful of gun safety. This news report of a study comes from Janaury 2020.

Four in 10 gun owners have at least one gun at home that isn’t locked up, even if there are children in the home, a new survey suggests.

To come to that conclusion, researchers questioned nearly 3,000 people while they waited for a free gun storage device (lockbox or trigger lock) at public gun safety events in 10 cities in Washington state between 2015 and 2018.

While many of the participants emphasized the need for such gun safety events, 40% reported having at least one gun at home that wasn’t locked up, 39% said they kept a loaded gun at home, and 14% stored all of their guns loaded and unlocked.

The presence of children in the home did not make a difference in how people stored their guns, the findings showed.

Many of our fellow citizens talk and write about gun control measures.  I note that in a growing segment of the ‘conversations’, and with more than 300 million deadly firearms in America, attempts to ensure they are used and stored safely is picking up pace.  That is in contrast to where the bulk of gun-control supporters, such as myself line up.  The majority desire for restricting gun ownership.