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Madison Poised To Recover Nicely Following Pandemic

May 19, 2020

There is no way to predict, with any accuracy, what lies ahead for any locale in the nation following the pandemic.  First, we need to get past this current wave of the virus, then buckle up and ride out the fall and winter when COVID-19 and the flu battle for supremacy, and then wait for a vaccine.  The economic rollercoaster for everyone is going to be long and mighty bumpy.

But once we get to the other side of this still-many-months-long crisis there is good news for Madison and other college and university cities around the nation.

“The most dynamic recoveries may well bypass traditional powerhouses and take place instead in areas that either were or were poised to lead the way in 2020 before everything changed,” writes Adam Kamins, senior regional economist at Moody’s Analytics and the author of the report.

Among the 10 best cities are small college towns, which are particularly well-poised for a recovery. “Durham, North Carolina and Madison, Wisconsin could enjoy a surge in growth in the years to come,” says Kamins.

Other cities on the top 10 best list include Boise, Idaho; Durham, North Carolina; Provo, Utah; and Tucson, Arizona. Read on for the full list of best cities for recovery. 

In analyzing the cities, Moody’s Analytics looked at population density and plotted it against two measures of workforce quality, both using educational attainment. In the first comparison, Moody’s used data to compare population density against the share of jobs that require either a college or graduate degree. “Those economies that can provide high-paying jobs to would-be city residents are especially well positioned,” writes Kamins.

Madison has long proved to be dynamic, tech-orientated, great with living standards that newcomers desire, and welcoming to all who wish to make this place home.  We will bounce back from this pandemic when the time comes. Until then we need to stay united in our mission.  Use masks, and self-distance.

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