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Twitter Showing Facts Matter, Treats Trump Like Man-Child He Is

May 26, 2020


This is precisely what those of us who live in a fact-based society requested.

Twitter on Tuesday slapped a fact-check label on Donald Trump’s over-the-top, false, incendiary, and ridiculous tweets.  This was the first time Twitter found its way forward in dealing with the blatant misinformation and lies from Trump.  They are to be applauded for their first step.  More steps will be required. 

While there are many examples of Trump pushing rubbish, along with the absence of facts in each tweet, it was two tweets in particular that falsely claimed mail-in ballots are fraudulent which caused for action today.  There is ZERO proof of Trump’s claims, and that is what caused Twitter to label those tweets with  “Get the facts about mail-in ballots,” and redirects users to news articles about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.

This must be but the first step toward reigning in an autocrat who purposefully uses lies and smears to further his political aims.   As I posted earlier today the widower of a former staffer to then-Rep. Joe Scarborough asked Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey to delete tweets by Trump furthering a baseless conspiracy theory about the staffer’s wife’s death.

America waits for the only logical response Twitter can take regarding those mean-spirited tweets.  They must be removed.

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