Madison’s The Old Fashioned Cares About Customers


Over the past weeks, we have all read news stories about businesses seeking to open their door, turn on the lights, and welcome back customers. We all want businesses to reopen. We all want employees to go back to work. We all want this pandemic to be over. But we know we can not just wish it away. We need to be pragmatic and mindful of doing the things required of us so as not to increase infections and go back to where we were earlier this year.

With that in mind, I want to give a sincere shout-out to The Old-Fashioned in Madison who stated on the local news Tuesday they were not going to open at this time as it simply was not a safe thing to do. They spoke of their loyal base of support and how it was those people they did not think could be served safely at this time. If you heard a loud hand-clap last night that was me upon hearing this news. I deeply respect this type of decision.

We all have had those yearnings over the past months as we stayed at home. Readers can identify with their favorite cheeseburger or pizza cravings having been put on hold. For me, the number one food desire is The Old-Fashioned Sunday Special. This remains my favorite meal in the city. Picture it. A large platter with a huge portion of chicken, mounded mashed potatoes, root vegetables, dressing made with fruit, and gravy galore. Top it off with a seat that looks out onto the statehouse, or better yet a table on the sidewalk with the breeze to add to the awesome meal. Every Sunday at about dinner time since this crisis hit I think of that meal. I have said repeatedly I cannot wait until we can again enjoy it. (And we will.)

Last evening the proprietor of The Old Fashioned stated that even though they were allowed to open they didn’t feel their customer base, their loyal customer base, was prepared to come back. The proprietor said they did not think they have the ability at this time to make it safe for those who would come inside for a meal. My respect for this business increased many times over last night.

I applaud those who place their customers ahead of the cash register. I applaud those who place science, data, and medical driven decision-making ahead of just a mad rush to open their businesses. It is these types of businesses who look out for me who will earn not only my respect but my full-throated support both with my wallet and through word of mouth–and of course my blog.

I have a deep respect for those who understand why we needed to starve the virus and limit its ability to travel. And understand the need to be forward-thinking by continuing to making wise choices.