Trump Used Bible, Protesters Sprayed With Tear Gas For His Political Stunt

Donald Trump’s political stunts.

(As has been the case on my blog for most of Trump’s term in office, any reference to his title is removed/and or changed from news stories which are quoted.  That is the case below.)

It was a most awkward moment for Trump as it is clear he did not know how to handle it, rather as if he never reads and is not sure how books work.  As we watched this absurd moment play out it became clearto me that God is getting soft with man.  In the old days, God would’ve struck that stain off the planet with a lightning bolt!

This video is simply stupefying.


People who gathered outside the White House to protest police brutality spent Monday waving signs and screaming for justice. They watched as police officers and National Guard units flooded Lafayette Square, delivering on a threat made by Trump. And just before the city’s 7 p.m. curfew went into effect, they were hit with flash-bang explosions and doused with tear gas.

It was because Trump, who spent part of the weekend in a secure bunker as protests roiled, wanted to have his picture taken holding a Bible at a battered church just beyond the gates.

That church, St. John’s — the so-called Church of the Presidents because every one since James Madison has attended — had been briefly set ablaze as the protests devolved on Sunday evening. After Mr. Trump’s aides spent much of Monday expressing outrage over the burning of a place of worship, Hope Hicks, a presidential adviser, eventually hatched a plan with others at the White House to have Trump walk over to the building, according to an official familiar with the events.

As Mr. Trump delivered a speech in the Rose Garden vowing to send the military to states where governors could not bring rioting under control but calling himself “an ally of all peaceful protesters,” the sound of explosions and the yells of demonstrators could be heard. After receiving repeated warnings to disperse before the city’s curfew, the crowd was tear-gassed.