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Trashing The Wisconsin State Capitol In Guise Of ‘Protesting’

June 2, 2020

Late tonight the image from the Wisconsin State Capitol sums up what we need to know about those who are ‘protesting’.  Hell, let us be frank and honest.  This is rioting.

And this act has NOTHING to do with the death of a man in Minneapolis. The peaceful protests are absolutely correct, and justified.   This destruction, meanwhile, has everything to do with a criminal element who wants to destroy and get some free sneakers while looting.

I am most confident the ones so ‘outraged and oppressed’ who did this act have no idea what the significance of this statute is about.  Just as the rioters did not break into Barnes And Noble bookstores, and have no use for the Soap Opera, either.  We are not dealing with a group of raging valedictorians on the streets of Madison.  We are dealing with the lowest elements.

I feel sorry for Michael Johnson and his group of cleaners as they will need a ladder or two when they tackle this project.

This makes me sick to my stomach.


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