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Legal Alert From Trump Campaign About Health Danger Of Tulsa Rally

June 12, 2020

I am opposed to Trump’s Tulsa rally not only due to the deeply racist aspect but also for health reasons. And now even the White House has admitted reason to worry.


A pandemic is very much a problem in this nation as COVID-19 ramps up in many states, such as in Arizona where a public health expert at the University of Arizona says the state could run out of hospital beds in a matter of weeks. Knowing the propensity of knuckle-draggers at Trump rallies, and their lack of paying heed to health advisories, we know that some of the rally-goers will die in the weeks to come from the virus. At their funerals, I wonder if it will be noted they laughed with the racist dog-whistles during the Trump rally? What a note on which to leave this world. And most will be too stupid to even notice.

To Trump these people are disposable. As long as the rally ‘looks’ like there is a large crowd for a news photo what concern does Trump have about the number of caskets that result from his partisan needs?

Let us watch and see if Trump is not on a stage well away from his spewing spittle-faced followers. I suspect there will be no shaking hands by Trump or even grabbing women during this rally.

For the record, I have not been anywhere near a protest march for one reason. It was not safe to be in crowds given the nature of COVID-19. I trust that sanity prevails in Tulsa. But we have seen too much from the Trump crowd to think miracles occur.

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