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Good Story To End The Week!

June 13, 2020

There have to be moments, during these rough weeks in our nation, that lift sails.  I am very pleased to have over-heard the following today.  It let me know that not everything is sour and rough in the world.  This following event made me smile and alerted me there are nice people among us.

A man worked for a number of hours helping a neighbor out, with the understanding that the man was to be paid.  Then this took place.

Getting finished with the project the person was figuring out what was owed to the worker.  The man, however, says,  “I am doing OK with money right now, give the money to (and then named a non-profit)”.

I stopped what I doing and was so caught up in the moment that seemed so nice and so unlike everything else I have seen on the news and read in the newspapers that I just let that gracious act wash over me.

I watched the man walk to his bike, unlock it, and head off down the street.  I believe in good Karma following folks like him; making the scales weigh favorably at the time it is needed.  He will never know how much it made for a smile and lift of my spirits.

And so it goes.



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