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Not In Minority When It Comes To COVID-19

June 13, 2020

For years in my life, it seemed as if I were in the minority.  Growing up in a rural conservative community but knowing a city was where I needed to live.  Voting for Democrats for the White House starting in 1980, but not having a victory for my party in that office until 1992.

And then came COVID-19 and James and I started to take the virus seriously early on when news of it traveling across the nation started.  Some thought we were foolish and too fearful of the virus.

Today, however, I read the results of a poll about how the nation is reacting to ‘the lay of the land’ with the virus and am aware I am in the majority.

Most Americans say they are wearing masks. They are still by and large avoiding restaurants. And the vast majority are still staying at least six feet from others when out and about.

Even as states and metropolitan areas throughout the country relax restrictions on social and economic life during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a new poll finds that most Americans aren’t yet ready to abandon the public health behaviors that help reduce the risk of themselves and the people around them contracting the virus that causes COVID-19.

But majorities of Americans say they are still actively following the recommendations of public health experts. Sixty-three percent say they have canceled or postponed social or pleasure activities, down only slightly from 69% in April. Seventy-five percent say they are avoiding public or crowded places, down slightly from 80%. And 56% say they avoid contact with high-risk people, compared with 62%.

An overwhelming majority — 83% — continues to say they are keeping six feet distance from those outside their household. And while many restaurants are opening their doors to in-person diners as restrictions are eased, 72% of Americans say they are avoiding them.

Businesses may wish to open and some folks may wish to return to them.  But there is nothing I need so much to risk the health of those who live in our home.  With the spike in virus cases taking place in nearly half of the states, there is nothing that is so enticing to draw me into crowds of people.  My concern for my family is far, far greater than the needs of any business person.

And so it goes.

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