Why We Need To Be Wary ‘Out And About’ During Pandemic


Not for the first time do I write about the necessity of being cautious during this pandemic, and mindful regarding the requirements that allow for the slowing of its spread. I have been championing the wearing of masks and social distancing. Having pulled back from much of the social world over the past months there still are times when  I need to engage with others.  Such as medical appointments.  But one would think that of all the places we might go with optimism it would be a medical facility.


Well, no.

At an appointment today (but not with my personal doctor or nursing staff) I encountered a situation that left me feeling that the data-driven and medically-advised behavior has not yet taken hold in this nation, even with some in the medical profession.

It is my nature to strike up conversations and talk about issues of the day with people so to better understand how others are thinking,  So I asked open-ended questions about how this medical technician’s friends were dealing with COVID-19. For instance, did they take the virus seriously?   The response was not what I expected.

I was told the friends did not wear masks and that she herself only wore masks at the clinic. She did not believe that self-distancing was really necessary as she did not think the virus spread as dramatically as some claimed. She felt that the shuttering of storefronts was not required and since I didn’t have the desire to give my feedback while she held the needle I just remained silent.  Anyone who knows me understands why a homemade chocolate shake after the procedure was required.

I read a poll this weekend where it was reported a large majority of the nation is not ready to go back into public crowds, restaurants, or places where people congregate. Conservatives will argue there’s no reason not to head back to stores, that there’s no reason not to juice up our economic engine. But when I can go to a medical facility and have a one-to-one conversation with one who admits to not adhering to medically advised criteria for being safe from this pandemic, and then work with patients it gives me great pause.

After today why, exactly, would I trust somebody who throws a pizza together in the back room of a restaurant?  Until I can determine that a larger percentage of the people who want my service is being as mindful about the virus as I am there’s no way I am going to open my wallet and engage in commerce.

And I would encourage others to refrain from putting the needs of the cash registers ahead of their own well-being. Are the ones serving your food or interacting with you as serious about health safety as you are?

And so it goes.