Racism, Idiocy, And The Trump Tulsa Rally

James and I headed out to Lake Wisconsin this evening for a long drive in the convertible after a day of rain showers and gray clouds.  With music from the 1950s and 60s filling the air we spent two hours scouring the countryside for sites to see and less traveled roads to take.  What a fun night.

We usually eat a late dinner so by the time we got home, set the table, and sat down the troubling Tulsa rally of Donald Trump had been over for at least an hour and the feedback was coming in fast and furious.  Among the first racist phrasing of Trump I heard was his describing the coronavirus as “Kung Flu.”  Playing to the racist knuckle-draggers of the far-right Trump made no reference to the Tulsa massacre of 1921 or to George Floyd.

I had written prior to the rally that it would be racist in character and built for the lower classes in the land who harbor that type of thinking.  Sadly that is exactly how the evening panned out.


I have been most pointed in my feelings about the careless and cavalier attitude from some conservatives when it comes to COVID-19, and the threat to people that Trump’s rally presented.   Therefore, I was pleased as punch to see the coverage with many empty seats, and far fewer numbers than the campaign had projected.  The 19,000-seat BOK Center was at least one-third empty.

The rally was so dismally attended that a second outdoor venue where Trump and Mike Pence were to speak was canceled.   I am pleased that there were more data-driven and concerned citizens than reckless Trump supporters, as that is good news for the medical professionals in and around the state of Oklahoma.  Still, the rally should have not occurred for the health and well-being of the citizenry.

The portion of the rambling sundowning presentation that grabbed my attention was when Trump belittled COVID-19 testing.  Trump clearly does not understand the testing and the data it uncovers, so he characterized it as trivial.  He tried to curtail testing stating, “So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down.”

The cretins in the audience cheered.

The most laughable–and absurd–moment at the rally occurred when Trump was cheered for being able to drink water with one hand.  Historians will write not only of Orange Mussolini in Tulsa but his supporters and how they were awed by what a one-year-old achieves daily.