World Should Block Airline Flights From United States To Block Spread Of Covid-19

It is being reported that the European Union is seriously considering banning Americans from traveling to any of its member countries because of our failure to control our coronavirus infections. I strongly support such a ban.

My main reason for this support is based on the medical need to slow the virus.  The fact is the United States should be treated like visitors from Russia and Brazil, as our nation has failed at leadership in combatting COVID-19.  We have more than 2.3 million cases and upward of 120,000 deaths, more than any other country.  Too many of our fellow citizens do not abide by health guidelines to wear masks or self-distance.   The world should not endure increases in their nations due to the lack of regard for science and common sense in America. 

We have not been able to muster the leadership to deal with the virus so we should be treated in the same fashion as we dealt with Chinese airline flights earlier this year.  Our nation needs to be placed under a ban to travel to other nations.

People coming from our nation are unlikely to know whether they have been exposed and if they have the virus but are just asymptomatic.   Couple that with the cavalier and shameful disregard for health advisories which too many here are demonstrating daily and it means the rest of the world must protect themselves from Americans.

I strongly support the EU on this matter.