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Another Endorsement For Susan Rice For Democratic VP

June 25, 2020


Here is a ringing endorsement for Susan Rice for theDemocratic nomination of vice-president. Steve Chapman writes a powerful column for her named to be a part of 2020’s history.

I have already stated my absolute support for this talented foreign policy specialty come  the November election.

His decision is critical, if only because Biden, who will turn 78 in November, would be the oldest person ever to become president. He carries an outsized risk of dying or becoming incapacitated in office.

He can’t have great confidence that his No. 2 would remain in the spare-tire compartment. So Biden ought to give the highest priority to finding someone equipped to take over the presidency at any moment.

There is only one contender who meets that standard: Susan Rice, whose preparation puts her in a different league from anyone else in the running. During the Clinton administration, she worked on the National Security Council and served as assistant secretary of state for African affairs. She was Barack Obama’s U.N. ambassador and national security adviser.

Her background is a crucial asset in the area where a president has the greatest power, and where deep knowledge is the best safeguard against catastrophe. Rice would not need an education in dealing with Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Israel or our NATO allies. She’s not only better equipped in foreign and defense affairs than the other vice presidential prospects; she’s better equipped than any president since Richard Nixon.  (emphasis mine)

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