Two Thumbs Up For Local Madison Farmers’ Market


James and I have not ventured out to any business, other than the grocery stores, since mid-February. And then mostly to have pre-ordered items put in the trunk of the car. But on Tuesday we decided to give the local Farmers’ Market a try and I was very impressed.

The vendors were most responsible with masks and there was one gentleman, who following the touching of money (and the conclusion of a customer sale), did a squirt of hand-sanitizer and repeated that as I watched for three separate sales.

Most—but sadly not all—of the customers wore masks. But overall I was most pleased with the seriousness that the times call for.

I know of others who take the times we live in with the gravity required, and that is why I write this note. While I would not feel at all comfortable in any restaurant, coffee shop, or any such public place, and given where the numbers are headed locally that is even more true, the openness of the market, and the truly careful and respectful nature of those selling made a huge impression on me.

I encourage others who also follow the medical-driven data and know not to be in groups, etc., to give the local market a try. They need the shoppers, the quality is grand, and it can be done safely. Thanks to those who make this local market possible.

Stay safe and wear a mask for everyone’s health!