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Might Donald Trump Pull Out Of His Re-Election Campaign?

June 28, 2020

Let me start out with the obvious statement that Donald Trump supporters do not live in a world where they view polling data, historical election data, or campaign tactics with any regularity.  In other words, they are blissfully unaware and completely oblivious to what is happening on the ground across this nation regarding the presidential election come this November.

Trump is in a world of political hurt, and the intensity of what is about to happen electorally to him grows by the week.   Therefore, Trump has a decision to make. Does he run for the presidency and lose, or does he step aside from the presidency, and allow the Republican Party to hobble in some fashion towards the November election?  As far fetched as that may seem, consider just two factors.

First, anyone who has watched Trump over the past five years knows he is not prone to taking any slur, or negative comment, or even a weighted joke without releasing a nasty tweet or a childish rejoiner. (And he would first need to look up the definition for rejoiner.)    So how would he take the loss of a presidential election? How could he live the rest of his days knowing that his obituary will use both LOSER and IMPEACHMENT in the lead paragraph?

Secondly,  consider all the absurdity and up-side-down events we have witnessed this year—which is only 6 months old–and then what we have lived and experienced since 2015.  Now ask yourself does his self-removal seem so strange with all that is currently behind us?

While I am not making any prediction about this possible action from Trump I can not rule out the possibility of it taking place.  If it were not concerning the man-child which Trump clearly is, no one would make such a suggestion.  But then, if Trump were not an actual man-child none of this would be happening at all.

And so it goes.


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