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Vulgar Language Not Needed In Wall Street Journal Story

June 30, 2020

Vulgar language jumped off the printed page of The Wall Street Journal today.  Not only was it coarse language, but it was sloppy journalism along with lazy writing.  Let us not also forget editing was sleeping on the job, too.  Having written a few sentences in my life for public consumption it was most apparent how the facts could have been presented in the article without having the paper succumb to the lowest usage of language in the land.

The story Eric Trump Steers Family Empire Under Father’s Close Watch dealt with how the real-estate empire is faring during a pandemic.   Sourcing an advisor the paper felt it needed to insert a quote they knew to be so over the top they could not use all the letters of the final word.


It offends my intelligence when such lines are used in national newspapers and publications.  It lowers the bar so others feel it more than proper to imitate such reporting.   Such allowances in papers of esteem, such as the WSJ, alerts me that our national discourse is ever hardening and becoming more offensive.

I still operate by two hurdles when writing in public forums.  Would the word(s) be accepted at dinner tables around the nation, and would my former employer in radio, a former broadcaster for WGN Chicago, have allowed it to air in Sturgeon Bay (WDOR)?

Words matter.

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