Northern Wisconsin Acting “Like One Big Party” During Pandemic

Let’s talk COVID-19 and Wisconsin.

Before the heart of the post let us be reminded of the news released on Wednesday concerning the Badger State.  COVID-19 hospitalizations currently number 274, up 37 patients from last week and on the rise in Wisconsin after weeks of stability.   In the last reporting period Wisconsin has 598 new COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile the Wisconsin Hospital Association reports that 28 of the state’s 133 hospitals have a seven-day or less supply of face shields, 42 have a limited supply of goggles, 29 have limited N95 masks, 30 have a limited supply of gowns and 34 hospitals have limited paper medical masks.

So now to the way some of our state residents are responding to science and data.

This photo from the Waushara Argus shows the participants of the First annual Paul Walker Century bike ride.  The paper promoted the link on their site “Waushara Social Cycling and Fitness” so to know more about regularly scheduled rides.   But the photo begs the question about what the term fitness must mean these days.  During a pandemic staying fit means being smart by wearing a mask and self-distancing.


I spoke with a person who traveled to Northern parts of the state last weekend and while wearing a mask he was told by ‘the locals’ that there was no need for such protections.

This morning while listening to WGN radio from Chicago I heard a caller comment on the attitude of residents in the upper reaches of our state.  He reported people were acting ‘like it is just one big party’ over the past weekend.

What in the blazing hell is wrong with a sizable segment of our state’s citizens? What part of science and data-driven medical advice do our residents not grasp, and what would it take to shake them into reality?

Sadly, with their behavior and lack of reasoning, the answer will arrive.

Once again, education matters!