Senator Susan Collins Must Be Defeated In 2020

There is a word for Maine Senator Susan Collins.  She is a stooge.  A Republican one.


There is nothing more unsightly in politics than to see a long-serving elected official pretend that it is the first session of a legislative body ever to be encountered.  Yet that is what Republican Senator Susan Collins does repeatedly.  She allows herself to be played and rolled on important legislation and judicial nominations, only to be ‘surprised’ that the wolf in sheep clothes did not show more teeth so to alert her to the dangers.

To see such behavior once might be odd, but amusing to watch play out.  But to know that Collins has perfected her act of ‘innocence’ over and over means that she thinks the voters are too stupid to pay attention.  This year at the polls will be different as they are angry and ready to send a clear message.  As a result, her tactics will be bounced, and she will be out of the seat.

I have long contended that she is not very bright. She is more an ornament than a sturdy tree.  She is nothing more than a notch the GOP has on their majority list; not to be confused with a solid thinker.  She has been twisted and shaped to fit whatever the majority requires, and that has left the Maine voter under-represented in the senate.

When babbling that perhaps Donald Trump had learned a lesson from impeachment I am sure many folks in Maine called to get her a wellness check.  I am sure with her stern look and forceful tongue it found its way to the conscience of Trump, and like Paul in the Bible, he saw the light.  Right?

While Collins pretends to be some moderate force keeping Trump and his checkered character under scrutiny she, in fact, has aided and abetted the worst policy moves that this administration has foisted onto the public.  For instance, she pretends not to know the wily ways of Brett Kavanaugh.  Even after dreadful writing of his own words are made public, as we read recently, she still doubles down on her insistence that he is not what we all know him to be.

Should we trust our own eyes, analyze the words with our own intellect, or listen to the ramblings of Collins?

I am more than comfortable in saying that voters in Maine are finished with Collins for doing nothing other than enable Trump to remain in the White House, and allow for the Supreme Court to be far less credible with the placement of a very troubling justice.

Democrat Sara Gideon will be not only a refreshing new face but will supply what Maine needs.  A second senator with intelligence and spine to do what is required in this powerful office.