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Where Should I Begin?

July 14, 2020

It was perfect timing for a box to arrive today from Daedalus Books. For about $23.00 these four books arrived.  The joy of buying online, other than with Amazon Prime which usually delivers within 24 hours, is not knowing which day a package will arrive on the stoop.  It means that without notice there is a box waiting to be opened.

I do have to underscore for book readers this business has my highest of praise.  I have used this company for about a decade, and know their great prices and wide selection will impress you, too.

Now…where do I begin from these new arrivals?  I love to read about the Founders,  enjoy presidential history, and am a Nixon history buff.  I also have always viewed Pat Buchanan as a good writer, and advocate for his views.


Pat wins this round!  As a side note the ‘time out’ Nixon took in 1967—partly where the book begins–for world travel and immersion into contemporary international issues continues to resonate with me about what leadership means, and his continuing desire to be a learned man.  Say what one will about Nixon, and much can be said, but he was a man who strived to understand the world, and then worked to improve international relations.

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