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America Mourns Death Of Congressman John Lewis

July 17, 2020


There are few people who carry with them a legacy and moral fiber that seems to exude from their physical body.  Congressman John Lewis was such a man, and tonight the whole of our nation knows we have lost a powerful voice for reason and humanity with his death.  His lessons about racial justice made us aware of the work not only completed but what remains left to be achieved.

It is a necessity to have such men as Lewis among us as they prod our conscience and needle our comfort zones.  They are needed in our land so we are aware of what is not right, and what requires our energy both on the streets and in the halls of power as legislative policy is crafted.

What always struck me when listening to Lewis being interviewed was how measured his speaking style was, and yet how commanding his words landed.  Perhaps this was based on the life he had lived and what I knew of him, and so there was ample reason to pay attention.  There was a seriousness, a gravitas that most members of Congress never attain that was cloaked on his shoulders.

He certainly did not ask for the darkness of racial animosity to surround him as a young man, but once it was evident in his life Lewis not only faced it, but then walked into it and demanded it be changed.  Let us be honest and say that is not how most people handle even mild confrontations.  Lewis, facing the daunting mission to unwind racism,  almost died as a result of his actions, but never strayed from his convictions.

That is why Lewis was so admired as a man, and will be mourned this weekend.  We do not see his kind often in our nation.

God rest his soul on the mountaintop.

I know your life
On earth was troubled
And only you could know the pain.
You weren’t afraid to face the devil,
You were no stranger to the rain.




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