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Profanity In Journalism Growing

July 17, 2020


I post about this matter as I care about journalism.  As a daily user of newspapers and magazines, I have come to expect professionalism when it comes to reporting news and providing analysis.  I have a desire to be respected as a reader and subscriber. (You should too!)

I read an article in the July 4th edition of The Economist, a publication I have subscribed to for nearly 20 years.  It has a  sterling worldwide reputation both with reporting as well as well-honed writing.   But as this blog has noted, over time, the lowest common denominators have even impacted this weekly publication.

In an article about capital punishment, Cruel, Unusual, And Costly it was the very last line that irritated me.  In quoting a Republican lawmaker from Ohio this was what was published.   The spelling reflects the home country of the publishers.

“People just realise it’s inhumane as s****”

Nothing whatsoever is so conveyed in that quote that an alternate sentence could not have been inserted.  This was a choice made by a reporter and allowed by an editor. And then printed in a mass volume for the subscribers to read.

I am so very tired of the shallow end of the pool getting deeper and impacting the rest of us who have standards.  Those standards might seem old-fashioned, but only to those with a limited vocabulary when it comes to talking—-or as in this case–reporting.

And so it goes.

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