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Male Apprehended On Spaight St. After Multi-Car Police Effort

July 19, 2020


Kudos to the Madison Police Department as the armed robbery was reported to have occurred at roughly 11:11 A.M. and the sirens were howling on the 900 block of Spaight at approximately 11:15 this morning, followed only minutes later with the felon who had used a gun in the crime being taken into custody.  Thanks for MPD’s efforts and continued fine work for our city.


Madison police arrested a man who allegedly robbed a downtown cafe Sunday morning.

According to the incident report, officers were sent to Ground Zero Coffee on 744 Williamson St. after a report of an armed robbery involving a handgun at 11:11 a.m. Police said the robber ran off with an unknown amount of cash and headed away from the State Capitol on Willy Street.

Deputies from a Dane County Boat Unit helped with checking the area and found someone at BB Clarke Beach who matched the robber’s description. The report said Nathaniel Homestead was changing his clothes before leading police on a chase.

Homestead faces tentative charges of armed robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sunday morning at approximately 11:15 a series of back and forth police cars, with sirens blazing was seen and heard on Spaight Street.  With a number of cars then zooming to, and stopping on the 900 block, officers took high note of the lakeside portion between two homes.  It was there, as reported by observers, that a Caucasian male was apprehended and placed into the back of a squad car.  The person was seen running prior to the police’s arrival and then seen hiding behind bushes of a Spaight Street home.  Reports from some on the ground are that he then ran to the back of a lot and was in or near a boathouse when the police took him into custody.    Rumors of a drowning had been also running around at the time of the police activity, but there is no substance to those reports.

Thanks to the fine men and women in blue who performed their duties on this otherwise serene and warm day on the isthmus.

(We now send it back to the station…….Les Nessman reporting.)





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