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Mask-Less In Lodi, Merrimac Ferry Landing Concessions

July 19, 2020

Saturday evening James and I went for an out-in-the country drive which has become a new norm in this time of COVID-19.  We have remained apart from others for months.  Other than the person who places ordered groceries in the trunk of our car, we have followed the advice of medical professionals and scientists and kept others at bay.  If we want to purchase something we head to Amazon.   And for outings, we head out to the rural sections of Wisconsin to zoom around without coming in contact with another person.

While doing so this weekend two situations jumped out at us as far from following any medical guidelines during this pandemic.

As we drove through Lodi we passed a hall where a wedding party was celebrating.  (Congratulations!) The parking lot area on the far side of the venue was packed, over 30 vehicles with certainty.  Only a couple people were out front near a door smoking, with the names of the newlyweds posted on a sign for the business.  I am certain that all inside were self-distancing.

As we continued along we thought it might be nice to ride the  Merrimac Ferry, and we as neared were pleased for the later weekend operating hours.  As we drove near the liftgate to enter the ferry we noticed that the person staffing Merrimac Ferry Landing Concessions was without a mask.  Folks were taking ice cream but not a soul anywhere had a mask over their face.

John Hart for the Wisconsin State Journal had a photo in the Sunday’s newspaper along with an accompanying story about ice-cream sales at this iconic part of summer in Wisconsin. What was pictured for readers was about the same image we noticed last night.   The ones below getting ice-cream were visiting from Illinois.


It is very disconcerting to see such behavior.  Pretending that the virus will just fade away or not impact rural areas of the state is simply ridiculous. Disdaining the scientific research into the disease and the advice of experts on how to contain it with mask and self-distancing shows the lack of regard some have for facts and data.

I know about the lack of leadership from Washington regarding the safety measures required to blunt this virus and then defeat it.  What I simply can not fathom, however, is how so many seemingly otherwise caring people around the nation, and our state, opt for the most up-side-down thinking when it comes to public health and personal safeguards.

It is due to the type behavior in the photo above that the virus continues to spread.

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