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Another Perspective Of Madison’s Chaos

July 21, 2020

From Letters to the Editor at The Capital Times comes another perspective on recent events in Madison, which I suspect has far more support than what progressives care to consider.

Dear Editor: I’m against the agenda item for $500,000 for the State Street area to repair damage done by the mob. The mayor danced with protesters who closed John Nolen Drive at rush hour and then commented that people shouldn’t be so concerned about a little property damage when compared to a man’s life. The same alders who are further disarming and hamstringing the police want us to spend more money downtown when they won’t protect it? That’s called a rathole. I understand that part of the proposal is for incentives for more people of color to open businesses. I think it’s racist to encourage people to invest their life savings in a business and have no will or plan to protect them. I am also against replacing the statues of Heg and Forward to the Capitol Square. The Heg statue should be placed as it is, headless in the state Veterans Museum with a sign: “This is your reward for committing your life for the freedom of others.” Forward can be on display in the Historical Society. The platforms where they once stood should remain, empty. On them, in black marker, as they are already defaced, should be written, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” The platform would then be available for the mayor to dance with the protesters. I do find it ironic that the mob left that citadel to white privilege, Overture, relatively unscathed. Must have run out of rocks and spray paint by then.

Richard Soletski


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