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Wisconsin Heading In Wrong Direction With COVID-19 Case Numbers

July 21, 2020


Everyone could sense, based on the daily increases in Wisconsin’s COVID-19 testing that the infected rate would pass the 1,000 number for persons testing positive.  Today was when our state passed that number.

A sad record was set with 1,117 new cases, bringing the seven-day average to 890.  The new cases bring the cumulative case count to 44,135 and active cases to 9,369 or 21.2 percent of total cases, a figure that continues to rise.

“The trend is going in the wrong direction,” Stephanie Smiley, interim administrator for the DHS Division of Public Health said during a briefing today. “I think that it is a cause for concern. We want to see decreases in the number of cases each day.”

She added that social gatherings like parties or bars are “continuing to be the drivers” of the increase in cases. That a more concerted effort to shut down the sources of what are driving the numbers is simply unconscionable.

We all know the drivers of this pandemic, and also what needs to happen to prevent further infections from taking place.  Simply put we must wear masks, socially distance, and shame those who refuse to accept the facts and data which demonstrates what needs to happen to fight the virus.

The most disturbing news is one that brings forth the unfortunate mindset of too many people in rural areas.  Those people are not exempt from contracting the virus.  ‘Good-ole-boys’ can not keep their pre-pandemic routines at the local gas station and country bar and think they are not part of the problem.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in different parts of the United States has been anywhere from two to 13 times higher than the reported rates for those regions, according to data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The findings suggest that large numbers of people who did not have symptoms or did not seek medical care may have kept the virus circulating in their communities. The study is the largest of its kind to date.  

Smiley recommended people continue to “stay home as much as possible,” wear masks, wash hands, and social distance in order to lower the curve of positive cases.

“We have very few tools that are available to us in order to really slow the spread of this disease,” she said. “And one of the ways to do that really is by wearing a cloth face covering and physical distancing.”

Since the Republicans who control the state legislature, and the White House, will not engage in any responsible leadership to actually deal with COVID-19 that is running unchecked in most states, it is especially important for citizens to take the necessary steps as advised by state employees such as Smiley.

Leaderless times have an impact not only on the health of our citizens but as we know the health of the economy, too.  It is a shame more Republicans refuse to grasp that fact.

To my readers, I urge you to be safe.

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