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Olivia de Havilland, Actress Of The Ages, Dies At 104

July 26, 2020

Sadness today for the classic movies and the stars who made them shine and sparkle. I love Gone With The Wind, with its epic scope and tone to the film.  One can appreciate how it must have felt to enter a theatre where it originally was screened and what the reaction would have been for a story so powerfully portrayed.

In a 2004 interview for the New York Times, Olivia de Havilland remarked that she never was bored discussing the movie again and again, and that she herself has enjoyed watching it 26 times in total.

It is a loss to the Golden Era of moviemaking to read of her death today.


Olivia de Havilland, an actress who gained movie immortality in “Gone With the Wind,” then built an illustrious film career, punctuated by a successful fight to loosen the studios’ grip on contract actors, died on Sunday at her home in Paris. She was 104 and one of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s fabled Golden Age.

Ms. de Havilland was both a classic Hollywood beauty and an honored screen actress whose very name and bearing suggested membership in a kind of aristocracy of moviedom. Though she was typecast early in her career as the demure ingénue, she went on to earn meatier roles that led to five Academy Award nominations, two of which brought her the Oscar.  

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