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Wanting “Decency To Prevail”

July 29, 2020


We got one of those special cards in the mail this week from a couple of sisters who live in Minnesota.  They have resided together for years and while not having a computer did have faith that a Yo Yo Ma site they had heard about might be to our liking.  How could any site with his music be bad?

But it was the ending to the note that made me stop and read it again.  The weight of the words–that they are even needed to be written—made me stop and think.

“We continue to pray for decency to prevail in November.”

Above the fold in this morning’s Wisconsin State Journal was the top banner headline “Trump Holds To Drug Argument”.  The story reported that Trump is still promoting a malaria drug that has been proven not to be effective for those infected with COVID-19.  As the nation’s death count stands at 150,000 Americans Trump continues to press forward with outlandish statements while not putting forth any credible plan to fight the raging pandemic.

For a very wide swath of the nation, there is no other issue that is more urgent and demanding than to have a mature and reasoned person leading the nation during this medical crisis.  To see that Trump saddles up to a witchdoctor who believes that demons have sex with sleeping people, which then causes illnesses, while also claiming masks are not important for the containment of COVID is more than maddening,

It is just another sign of the lack of decency exhibited by Trump.  His lack of respectable behavior is now so common that we are searching for that very trait when it comes to our upcoming elections.

When there was a major political fight in 1980 between President Carter and Ronald Reagan the issues being debated were about economics and foreign policy.  No one doubted that Carter was a decent man, with his religious background and his solid family.  Likewise with Reagan who often seemed more of a national grandfatherly type of candidate.

So when I read the lines from the sisters praying for “decency to prevail” it really hit a note as I have long sensed that is what the nation most yearns for as we head to the election.

Our nation used to place presidents as the leading example of being a good role model.  No one can claim that about Trump.  Three wives and being a habitual liar makes him more a poster example of what we wish our nation’s children to run from.  What dad wishes his son to cheat at every aspect of life, including with multiple marriage vows?

Perhaps the never-ending series of blows from Trump feels so harsh due to our nation having, in the preceding eight years, a brilliant and empathetic president.  Or perhaps because the bulk of this nation knows from experience that old-fashioned sensibility which might be summed up with a man’s word is his bond and that a handshake means something.  And how that is all so lacking now from the leader of our nation.

No one who has any knowledge of Trump can honestly claim he has any of the decency we learned since childhood and then live out each day.   Should not the basic decency that the citizenry possesses be at least a foundation for the person who sits in the Oval Office?

“We continue to pray for decency to prevail in November.”

And so it goes.

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