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Herman Cain Dead, Did Not Care About Others With His Poor Decisions Regarding COVID-19

July 30, 2020



Who could have predicted this news?  Herman Cain is dead, now one of the over 151,000 Americans who are to be listed in the pages of history as dying during this pandemic.

But frankly, given the simple-minded nature of how Cain carelessly conducted himself in the face of professional guidance about COVID-19, who really cares?  After all, he did not care about himself or others when he acted rashly and without regard for data and science.  He opposed the protocols that we are all aware of regarding how to not become infected, or how to stop the transmission of the virus to others.   And that way of acting has an impact on others.

Cain attended  Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally, was then diagnosed and hospitalized with Covid-19.  Cain, as co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, was one of Trump’s surrogates at the rally.

I said at the time of the rally the cult-like atmosphere which surrounds so much of the Trump base refused to practice social distancing and rejected the wearing of masks.  That attitude then is repeated on FOX News and with conservative talk radio to the lower-educated Trump base, which adds to the national problem of dealing effectively with this virus.

So who really cares if Cain is dead?  He did not care about anyone else as his actions during the pandemic most clearly demonstrated.  The pandemic is serious and the only way to make the point to some of the Trump base is with a funeral. 

And so it goes.


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