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Wisconsin Republicans Face Sister Souljah Moment

July 30, 2020

Wisconsin Republicans were correct when they pressed for the Spring Election to be held, even in the face of a pandemic, and many robust voices who countered with strong objections.  There was even a legal case that made its way to our highest court.  Holding the election, in times of great stress and tumult, underscores the strength of our republic.  I very much concurred with making sure our scheduled election took place.

Thursday morning Donald Trump tweeted about the November presidential election.  The last line has caught the attention of the nation.

Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???

While Trump consistently sends out tweets and statements that are meant to deflect from embarrassing headlines the gravity of his words this morning is a wake-up call for everyone.  His autocratic nature continues to be a source of concern, and when it is so starkly displayed it calls for Americans to stand up for the values we know to be valid.

This is the time for Wisconsin Republicans to make it perfectly clear that there can be no tampering with the date of the fall election.  Given their resolve to demonstrate why honoring and abiding with a voting schedule matters in Wisconsin, it is imperative they now stand with millions of others around the nation and again make that argument.

There is no denying the potent nature of COVID-19, and there is no way to predict what the caseload numbers will be at the time of fall balloting.  It is obvious that almost every facet of our lives have been upended due to the virus.  From workplaces to music venues, restaurants to gyms, our world has seemingly shrunk. But we must not allow for the virus to attack the very underpinning of our governing process, and the most essential of that framework is our elections.

And we must not allow for a president who faces a determined and angry electorate to even toy rhetorically with a basic right of our citizenship—the election of our next national leader.

It is absolutely essential that the election process not be upended by Trump or the virus.  We simply cannot allow one of the causalities of this pandemic to be the glue of our democracy.  Our elections.  And the right to cast a ballot.

All of Wisconsin must insist on that idea.  And because the Republican Party properly insisted on having the April election held on time they can now again be leading voices opposing Trump’s words of this morning.  I trust they will strongly stand up for the nation.

This is their Sister Souljah moment.

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