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Endorsing Heather Driscoll For 76th State Assembly, Courageous Stand On Guns Proves Her Mettle

August 3, 2020


The first letter I ever wrote to the editor of my hometown newspaper, while a teenager in high school, dealt with the issue of gun control.  From that time onwards the issue of curtailing guns, slowing the rate of murders from these weapons, as well as suicide from them has been a lifetime pursuit. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a candidate for the 76th State Assembly it is a very easy conclusion as to who will garner my support.

Several months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, Heather Driscoll called our home and wanted to talk about her candidacy for the state legislature. Within minutes of listening to her conversation, it was clear who I would be supporting in the election on August 11th.

She spoke unapologetically and with deep conviction due to personal experience about the tragedy of guns and the need to have meaningful and responsible gun reform legislation in Wisconsin. She also has actual working experience on that issue from being a part of the office of a Madison state representative.

Her experience is grounded in tragedy.  Driscoll’s father, a fifth-generation farmer, died by gun suicide when he was 28 years old.  She was a girl at the time, then just at the tender age of two-and-a-half.  In our phone chat that afternoon she mentioned a sobering fact that I jotted down while at my desk.  In our state 71% of gun deaths are suicide.  That statistic is staggering. I later discovered data online that shows in our nation the percentage for the national rate from suicide by guns reaches almost two-thirds.

Since 2006 this blog has continually stressed the need for gun control and the reasons why voters need to support candidates who step up and speak directly to the issue. Driscoll does that very thing, and with data, candor, and conviction she will carry that issue forward once elected and serving her constituents.

There are many candidates seeking election to this open seat, and their credentials and resumes are credible.  On many issues, they strike the same note.  But when it comes to guns and the needed reforms for the safety of the public and reduction in violence no other candidate speaks with such authority or conviction as does Driscoll. 

Over the course of the past three weeks the city of Madison has registered countless gun shooting incidents.  Meanwhile, the number of guns on the streets of our cities in the state are staggering, and the cost to taxpayers in preventing shootings and dealing with these acts of violence creates a tremendous financial hardship for local communities and units of government.   There has been a reluctance from too many candidates for too long to speak truthfully and with resolve about this pressing problem.  The lack of candor and courage from too many candidates who don’t want to roil the waters only underserves the state.  Daily headlines about gun violence prove why Driscoll is the woman for the times.  

Therefore it is my determined effort to see Driscoll elected because she is the type of candidate that I have long advocated we should endorse. And support. Voters will do themselves a service by voting for Driscoll and allowing her voice to be instrumental in the legislative process under the dome in Madison.

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