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Endorsement: Kelda Roys Responsible Choice For 26th State Senate District

August 4, 2020


The chaos in our politics on the local, state, or national stage is clear to anyone who reads a newspaper.  Though a combustive and bombastic nature to our politics has always been a tradition, it is apparent from headlines over the past months that a stronger and more dangerous antagonism is trying to take hold.  That anger is a most concerning one for those who care about our future.

Therefore, it is vital that as we look towards coming elections we focus on who might not only have the resume and skill set to deal with the issues, but also who might have the intellect and capacity to bridge differences and ensure for a path of governing that we have always prized in our state. For my readers who have the experience gained by watching and being involved in our political history, there is an awareness that differences of opinion are a healthy part of our democracy.   But when we vent our differences in ways that are not in alignment with the process of governing all then are underserved.

During the past months as I have followed the campaigns of various candidates wishing to be elected to the open state senate seat, I have looked at not only the issues of the day and the policy hopes that the candidates espouse, but also for something deeper.  Do the candidates have the ability to rise above what is leading the headlines at the moment and are able and willing to reach out across the aisle and bridge differences and solve the bigger issues of our time.

On two different social occasions over the past couple of years, I happened to be alongside Kelda Roy’s which allowed for a conversation about not only politics but her family and wide-ranging interests.  I did not know at the time she was going to be a candidate this year.  At the time I just thought she was a very intriguing and smart individual.  The very type of person you would want to talk with at social events.  In reflection, I can add she is precisely the type of person you would wish to have in an elective office doing the work of the citizenry.

I fully understand the anger, resentment, and the resolve of individuals who want to make changes in our state. I also know that the needed changes must be done within the parameters of a political process that allows for legitimacy that comes with the enactment of laws.  I sincerely believe that Roys has not only the convictions about making our state a better place in which to reside, but also has the maturity and reasonableness of making change happen through the legislative process. I applaud not only her words about the environment, healthcare, and education, but also about social progress.

One does not enter the political arena to do the easy things, they enter to do the ones that are difficult and that often require a steely determination.  I believe that Roys has what it takes to be a good state senator, someone who will ensure progress on a wide range of issues for the electorate.

Voting for Roys on August 11th is the responsible vote to make.

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