Kamala Harris Mirrors America, Election 2020 Will Make For Social Progress


We knew this day would come.  The announcement of the Democratic Party running mate to Joe Biden.  And when it arrived it sent a bolt of electrical energy around the nation.  Senator Kamala Harris is about to make history, and her powerful narrative is exactly what the Democratic Party has long been known for as it pushes social change.

Harris will be the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office by a major party.  As the past months have clearly demonstrated there is a deep desire to push past the old ways of doing things, and confront what needs to change in the nation.  Rather than just talk about it, Biden has started to act.

I had hoped Susan Rice would be the nominee as her deep experience with international relations gravitated with me.  Alliances and arrangements with our global partners are not sexy topics to be sure, but they are vital ones.  However, I can see Rice as Secretary of State and that would also confirm the commitment Biden has about rebuilding from the damaging last four years.

I am pleased with the selection of Harris as it is smart politics. A Biden-Harris ticket gives the Democratic Party leverage with more moderate voters.  This nation yearns for normalcy, reasoned, and logical leadership.  When they see Harris they will grasp the credible qualities she brings her with, and at the same time see the change and bending of the curve this nation has long been working toward.

Competence and pragmatism are what the Biden-Harris ticket will provide for the nation.  And Republicans should not kid themselves into thinking that moderate and concerned members of their party were not waiting for yet another reason to vote against Trump.  Centrist Harris will be enticing them at every turn.

Democrats have long provided the vehicle for tolerance and acceptance with the pushing of the envelope so that our national leadership mirrors the way our citizenry looks at banks, malls, soccer leagues, and churches.  Just this past week I was looking at some books from when I was starting to learn to read.  The school books of Jane and Dick and Sally are all caucasian kids. Not a child of color was to be seen.  And we know that type of thinking and absurdity needs to end.

We need to see the full array of our nation reflected on every front page of our newspapers and on our nightly news.  Our top elected leaders should embrace the future and look like the nation they wish to lead.

Today Joe Biden took his first major step with the elevation of Kamala Harris as the vice-presidential nominee. In January she will make another record-setting moment when sworn into office.

This is how change comes about.  I am very pleased to be an American tonight.  I have not had this feeling for a very long time.

And so it goes.