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Remembering Mom And Dad At Hancock Cemetery–Royce And Geneva Humphrey

August 11, 2020


James and I decided to head northwards today, on the 13th anniversary of the death of my mom.  We had not ventured up to Hancock earlier this year given the pandemic and not wishing to interact with anyone.  So we set out on what was a cloudless day, perfect summer temperatures, and very low humidity and did not run into one other person the entire day.

When we arrived at the cemetery James took from a packed arrangement of items some freshly homemade brownies.  Doing so he spoke of how my dad always thought it wise to be the first taste-tester of any baked good mom pulled from the oven. “You would not want to serve it to others if it was no good” was the running line for decades back home.  And there always seemed to be irrefutable logic to dad’s words.

So with that James said we were going to have some brownies with the folks.  Yes, it was that type of day.  James remains ever-thoughtful and that is why he is a wonderful part of my family.  My folks loved him.

I placed some flowers for mom at the headstone and we added a brownie, too, on the stone in fond memories.  I know this would have made for smiles.  And with dad’s fondness for small animals and making sure they were fed in the wild I know some little creature tonight will find the morsel.

And so it goes.



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