Local Mortuary Should Cover Cost For Anisa Scott’s Funeral


There was yet another reason to get more than misty-eyed when it was announced today that CEO of Concero Amy Arenz has donated $10,000 to cover the funeral expenses for Anisa Scott.  The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County announced on its Facebook page that the donation was made “so Anisa will have the home going celebration she deserves.”

What a wonderfully humane and touching act of generosity from Arenz. God bless her. There are good people in the world and we need to be reminded of that, especially in these trying times.

What Madison, Sun Prairie, and Dane County have experienced with the shooting and killing of an 11-year-old has made for lots of emotion and questioning about how to stop such violence.  This death has left families shaken and communities in pain.  What happened is profoundly sad–well beyound what we usually read and hear about–and as such, it would be most appropriate for the mortuary in charge of arrangements for this child to forgo the costs. That is just what a decent business does.

I do not throw out the idea of offering free services or products on a whim.  I can speak from both sides of kindness in this regard.

My lawyer, during the time of settling my father’s estate, never gave me a bill.  An executor was forced to be removed and the whole court case was handed off to another county, and still, my lawyer did the work pro bono.  I understand that in certain professions pro bono work is part of the way they operate.  Still, I can state clearly that it was much appreciated in my case.

When such kindness is given it becomes incumbent that we, as receivers, pay it forward.  That is how James and I conduct our lives.  As such my husband has provided thousands of dollars of pro bono service to others from his business as a guardian.  He also takes some cases from the county at a reduced rate from his usual fee.

I am not asking any mortuary to not make money or have a profitable year.  I am simply requesting that given the gravity of the situation with a child being killed, and a larger community really hurting, that a mortuary step up and do the right thing.

That right thing will give them more positive news than anything else they do all year.

And so it goes.