Epitome Of Ignorant Republican Southern Governor


There are times when one watches a news interview and has to wonder if the remote somehow placed the viewer on the comedy channel.  Such was the case when watching Face The Nation this morning where Mississippi Tate Reeves proved not every southern politician is ready for prime time.

MARGARET BRENNAN: We’re glad to have you. According to Johns Hopkins, your state has a positivity rate of twenty-three percent, which is the highest in the nation when it comes to COVID infections. Where are you headed going into a fall that the CDC warns could be the worst ever?

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: Well, I haven’t seen that particular data, but what I can tell you is in our state, we peaked with a seven-day average of one thousand three hundred and ninety-one cases on– on July the 29th. As of yesterday, we had brought that number down considerably to seven hundred and twenty-eight cases per the state of Mississippi for a seven-day trailing average.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But your state, I mean, I’m looking at a statement from your state health officer, it says that you have eleven hospitals with zero ICU beds currently available. That seems dangerous. Don’t you need to take more stringent measures? I mean, you seem to be characterizing this as under control, but this looks like your medical system could be overwhelmed.

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: Well, Margaret, I think you may be looking at data that’s two or three weeks old, but the reality is in our state–

MARGARET BRENNAN: No, this is from a briefing this week with your state health officer.

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: Well, the reality is in our state that we’ve actually cut the total number of cases on a daily basis in half over the last two and a half weeks. We peaked at thirteen hundred ninety-one as I mentioned earlier. We’re down around seven hundred right now. Do we have hospital capacity issues? We do. But the reality is, Margaret, in our state and virtually every other rural state across America, we have ICU bed issues and– and hospital capacity issues even when there’s not COVID-19.

So, knowing this information, in the good years there was nothing done in Mississippi to ensure that such a lack of medical capacity was resolved.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. You could shut down bars, for instance, to stop that community spread as the White House has asked some states to do. I do want to move on, though, because–

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: We– we have significantly limited bars in Mississippi.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Right, they close at 11: 00 PM.

That brought a howl of laughter from this home.


GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: I am confident that the– the ballots that are legally cast in the state of Mississippi will be counted and I’m also very confident that Donald J. Trump–

MARGARET BRENNAN: What do you mean legally cast?

Oh, we know what that means in Mississippi.

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: –is going to win Mississippi and he’s going to win it big. Every– every vote that is legally cast in the state of Mississippi will be counted in the November election, and I’m confident that once all of those votes are counted that Donald J. Trump is going to win Mississippi–


GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: –and many other states overwhelmingly.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah, I asked you what legally cast meant but– so your state doesn’t currently allow for absentee ballots, for fear of getting COVID. Like if someone doesn’t want it– doesn’t feel safe going to a polling booth and wants to vote by mail, you don’t allow for that right now. Why not?

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: We– we do not allow mail-in voting in the state of Mississippi. We think that– that our elections process, which has been in place for many, many years, is a– ensures that we have a fair process in which we have the opportunity to limit fraud. We still have fraudulent claims every single election. We’ve actually got many–

MARGARET BRENNAN: You have a positivity rate of twenty-three percent.

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: –folks in our state that have had– Democrats that have had–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Aren’t you worried about the health of your constituents?

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: –Democrats that have gone to jail because of election fraud and it is just reality.

MARGARET BRENNAN: First of all, that’s– that’s is not substantiated, but–

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: The reality is that– that every legal ballot cast is going to get counted.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You have a positivity rate of twenty-three percent in the state of Mississippi. Can you tell people that they can go to the voting booths and not get COVID? Why don’t you offer the option for someone who’s afraid of their health, someone with asthma, someone with diabetes, someone who’s overweight to send in their ballot by mail?

GOVERNOR TATE REEVES: Well, we’re not going to allow them to send in the ballot by mail unless they legally qualify for an absentee ballot–

Some interviews are priceless.

UW Football Players Will Now Have Time To Read And Study


It was interesting over the past few days to read and hear the viewpoints from young athletes who learned the fall football season at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had been canceled due to the pandemic.  It was interesting to see how young people view the present situation our nation finds itself, and in so doing how they see themselves in relation to the rest of us.  What I discovered within the pages of the Wisconsin State Journal left me feeling that not everyone appreciates the scope of the pandemic, and some young people take for granted what they have, even if not being able to play football.  

Some football players stated they were angry and felt like the sacrifices made to prepare for the season weren’t going to pay off.

Still, canceling the season left players angry that their efforts to contain the virus — which included frequent testing and monitoring per conference protocols — weren’t rewarded with an attempt to play.

Players seem to resent the fact that over the past weeks they took the proper precautions so to prevent getting the virus which included frequent testing and monitoring per conference protocols.  But then they were not rewarded!

At a time when many people in the nation have to wait in long hot car lines under the summer sun to be tested, and then wait for an inordinate amount of time for results, football players were being tested in an easy manner with the results being forwarded in an incredibly short period of time. To now have these players feel they need to be rewarded for doing the proper thing for the health and safety not only of themselves but for the community is a stunning statement.

Van Lanen and fellow senior and safety Eric Burrell spoke with reporters Friday morning and detailed what was a “roller coaster”.

Well, it is true that the sports program did take the needed time to study and determine the varying options for the players, school, and community.  But having said that the players’ “roller coaster” was nothing compared to the business people throughout the country who are trying to keep the lights on, employees hoping to keep their job, or physicians and medical personnel fighting battles of all stripes in urgent care wards. Throughout the article, time and again, there was a total lack of regard or insight from these players into the gravity of the pandemic, or how it has impacted truly important aspects of our nation.

After reading several articles and watching news reports on this matter one wants to sit these young men down and alert them to the fact that if they are alive and healthy at this time it should not be taken for granted.  That is the stakes we are playing with today. Being healthy should be blessing enough! If not being able to play football is the rock in your shoe then take some long walks and prioritize your life. But just stop the whining, whatever you do.

Meantime buy your books and be pleased that you are enrolled at one of the top research universities in the nation.  Plan to get up and into class, read everything asked of you, study earnestly, and know education is the reason you are attending UW-Madison.

Short And To The Point

The needs of the nation, the call from the Founding Fathers, and the reasoned and common sense from our grandparents all alert us to knowing without a doubt there is only one way to vote. To pretend there are shades of difference or some higher calling to vote third party this year undermines what we all were taught in civics. This is not the election to ponder the shades of green but instead simply vote the autocrat out of office. That means we vote for the candidate which can achieve that end.

Joe Biden.