American Leadership Missing Over Belarus, Another Reason To Vote For Biden


When it comes to the many reasons I am voting for Joe Biden as the next president the top tier has to do with international relations.  Over the past week, the lack of verbal commitment from Donald Trump regarding the yearning of the Belarus people to be unshackled from the authoritarian regime of President Lukashenko’s regime has been most troubling.  The lack of leadership from the White House, at the time when “Europe’s last dictator” is being pressed severely by his own people, underscores what is wrong in our nation.

Trump today said he would talk to Russia “at the appropriate time” in the wake of protests against Belarus’ leader.  That statement alone provides all one needs to know about which person on the world stage is calling the shots.  We well understand that Trump likes autocratic images and strongmen.  He fashions himself to be one.

But the people of Belarus need to have a President of the United States who can stand on the world stage and state (without first needing to consult with his puppet master) that the official election results this month in Belarus were flagrantly fraudulent.  Then he needs to call for the unconditional release of all detained demonstrators followed by new elections.  

There is no need to equivocate or consult with Putin.  American leadership needs to be restored on the world stage.  And it must be done with strength and conviction as showing weakness and timidity in these geopolitical confrontations only allows for more of the same from the world’s rouge leaders.  We can assist the forces for change without engaging Russia.  

Russia is hell-bound to have Belarus under their thumb in some fashion but the call for freedom from the people connects with our ideals.  We must not abandon them as they are seeking what we claim we desire for others.

American leadership has been missing on the world stage for the past four years, and we must again align ourselves with the international community which understands democratic forces are the way forward.  Autocratic regimes and illiberal democracy are undermining the progress of the past.

That must come to an end.